Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stupid Democrats and Stupid Republicans

Warning- If you are a right wing republican chances are you are going to hate this blog. If you are a left wing democrat chances are you are going to hate this blog. If you are an open minded person you may actually like this.

True story-

I was having some beers with a group of friends of mine. One of them is a die in the wool liberal democrat (he has a Che Guervera swatch-yeah, I'm talking about you). Another is a die in the wool republican who sends a group of us emails insulting Gore and then Obama (yeah- you).
The banter is going on and I decide to throw a question to them- Name a hot button issue that one side wants the government to intervene and the side supporting it wants the government to stay out.
Answers- one said abortion and the other said gun control (I honestly don't remember which said which, as I said we were drinking at the time).
Okay- so let me see if I have this clear.
Democrats want the government to stay out of abortion. But most want the government to add more gun control.
Republicans want the government to stay out of gun control. But want the government to outlaw abortion.
I guess it would be naive to say to NARAL that charging a guy with double murder when he kills a pregnant woman is not going to infringe on your abortions rights. Or to say to the NRA that outlawing cop killing bullets is not going to infringe on your right to bear arms. Because no one wants to walk the middle ground. It’s what I want, when I want it and it has to be now. It’s like dealing with spoiled children.
And people complain about gridlock.

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