Friday, July 23, 2010

Tea in a Can. Where the Tea Party went wrong

Warning! If you are a right wing republican conservative you will hate this blog. If you are a left wing democrat liberal you will hate this blog. I don't care. This blog is for open minded people who don't toe the party line and can think for themselves.

Less government, less taxes. Sounds good, I don’t know anyone who wants. to pay more taxes and with the exception of some far left wing nuts. I think we can all agree we need less government. So the Tea Party should be the boat everyone should be jumping on, so why is it so vilified?

The Tea Party lost its course. Instead of being a group that everyone agrees with it became a lightning rod for every nut out there Instead of being inclusive, it became the place for only right wing conservatives to spout what they want. The Tea Party became the place for birthers, anti-abortion groups, militias and who those think they can spout hatred. It became the place where any politician, no matter how far right they are, is not enough. It went so off message that the original message was lost.
Here’s how can the Tea Party redeem itself.

Change the name. The name Tea Party does make sense with the original message. However it has become so toxic that any nut with an ax to grind calls himself a Tea Party member. The head of the Tea Party Express went so far with his racist rants the Federation of Tea Party’s kicked him out. The only problem is he refused to accept that. So we have a bunch of splinter groups calling themselves Tea Party. Change the name and let the Tea Party nuts fight it out. In the meantime we can go back to the message of less government, less taxes.

Stay on message. Guns and abortion are divisive issues. Let’s keep to the message and stop adding polarizing issues and losing support on as we go along.

Don’t give the nuts endorsements. Rand Paul has the support of the Tea Party. Rand Paul also wants to roll back portions of the Civil Rights Act. Not a good way to attract new members. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are two of the most hated politicians in America, Pelosi is going nowhere with her district in San Francisco. Reid on the other hand should be easy pickings. So who do they put up against him? Tea Party darling Sharron Angell. Angell makes Sarah Palin (more on her later) look like Shakespeare. Sharron Angell commenting on a 12 year old girl raped and impregnated by her father said the baby is “A gift from God”. She said her second amendment rights should give her the right to shoot Harry Reid (you can’t make this stuff up).And that's some of the tamer stuff she's said. So Nevada Republicans decide to cow tow to the Tea Party and put her against Reid.(BTW, she is so far over that the NRA actually endorsed Reid).

Congratulations Senator Reid, you’re about to get six more years

Don’t let divisive people be your spokesman. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They are polarizing figures. Again, they went off message and took the party for their own agenda. They would rather talk about abortion, guns ,what Obama is doing wrong and self-promotion then what most people want them to talk about.

I don’t expect any of this to happen. The Tea Party will continue to move to the right until they self destruct. It has started happening already. When Palin endorsed a Tea Party member over a GOP congresswoman, the congresswoman quit the race, endorsed the democrat running against her and the democrat won. When Florida Governor Charlie Crist, running for the Senate made the mistake of shaking Obama’s hand, the Tea Party went nuts and found Marco Rubio with the idea of attracting the Hispanics in Florida. Crist quit the Republican party and decided to run as an independent, most Hispanics were put off by Rubio’s extremist views that Crist as an independent is actually leading in the polls against Rubio.

In the end it will be politics as usual. The Republicans and Democrats will continue voting along party lines and a chance that there could be a party that crosses both lines is blown.