Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More stupid democrats and stupid republicans

Warning- If you are a right wing republican chances are you are going to hate this blog. If you are a left wing democrat chances are you are going to hate this blog. If you are an open minded person you may actually like this.

Oh boy. The politicians make doing this too easy; it’s hard to decide who to talk about.

There’s Eric Massa, David Patterson and Harry Reid for the democrats.

There’s Sarah Palin, Bob McDonnell the governor or Virginia and Rep Jim Bunning for the republicans.

Palin- Way too easy to joke about her. Only thing is whenever she talks I think its Tina Fey doing a comedy bit.

Patterson- Yeah, the guy is stupid but he has stuck his foot in his mouth so many times I may need more than a paragraph. The guy’s approval rating is so low, he not only lost to Elliot Spitzer in a poll, he also lost to Ashley Dupree.

Massa- Sorry no jokes about a congressman who says, yeah I tickled and groped an aide but it was in a non-sexual way. Okay there are jokes a plenty.

Bunning- Pissed off about health care he kills a bill that would extend unemployment benefits. What a nice guy. Were you ever hit hard in the head with a ball when you were at bat?

Reid- Nancy Pelosis’ little lap dog. The only Senator in the United States who is pussy whipped by a Congresswoman. “Yes dear, whatever you say dear”.

McDonnell – I thought I actually might like this guy. He wasn’t a gung-ho in your face conservative fringe type. But then he has Confederate History Month and to top it off doesn’t mention slavery? Congrats, you joined the ranks of the fringe.

It’s hard to pick one uber-jerk from among these political pinheads. And the sad thing is I was able to pick six without giving it much thought. I am sure I have left out some who are stupider than this group (Okay maybe not stupider than Palin- congratulations Sarah on making Dan Quayle look like a Rhodes Scholar with the wisdom of Einstein).

And I promised not to make jokes about her. Sorry, it’s just way too easy.

Come on tell your friends about this blog. Hell tell your enemies.

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  1. Really love the comments on Palin. Wish she would crawl back under whatever pile of dung she came from. She gives women a really bad name.