Friday, April 30, 2010

Republicans vs, The Tea Party

Warning- If you are a right wing republican chances are you are going to hate this blog. If you are a left wing democrat chances are you are going to hate this blog. If you are an open minded person you may actually like this.

Back to politics after last weeks foray into music.

Tom Coburn is a republican senator from Oklahoma. He has a 100% approval rating from one of the conservative think tanks. He is not afraid to use parliamentary procedures to block legislation. He is one of the fringe politicians I can’t stand be they republican or democrat.
I like this guy. One thing this guy has is balls. He was at a town hall meeting and a woman was practically crying. She had been watching Fox News and she heard that she could go to jail for not buying health insurance, Senator Coburn assured her that was not the case and that she “Should watch more than one news channel”. He then went on to say that while he is opposed to most of what she has done, he has a lot of respect for Nancy Pelosi.
Huh? A republican going against Fox News? And complimenting Nancy Pelosi? Was he smoking something he wants criminalized? No- he took a stand against the fear mongering that Fox News propagates. And he managed to gat Bill O’Reilly angry enough to take pot shots at the senator. Now normally O’Reilly is the voice of reason on Fox News (okay that is kind of easy when you’re on the same channel as Glen Beck) but now he was angry that the senator said something negative about Fox. How dare he??? Seems some republicans feel that they have to follow Fox News rather than the other way around. Coburn was saying enough already, I decide my own agenda, not you. Senator, we probably disagree on more than we agree but damn, I admire you stand.

Another republican, scratch that he is now an independent I have been following is Governor Charlie Crist of Florida. He is a die-hard conservative, was on the short list for McCain’s running mate in 2008 and was a good bet for 2012.The only problem was he man hugged Obama once and now he is painted as a member of the weathermen .So his Senate campaign is shattered because this other guy, a tea party regular moves up against him and forces him to run as an independent. Good going Charlie. You can be a conservative without bowing down to the tea party

He was the first person to come out for McCain in 2008. Considering the way McCain is acting I am pretty sure this guy is going to get a knife in the back from his good friend.
So basically we now have a conservative republican, a conservative independent and a moderate democrat running for senator in Florida. Why is it always Florida?

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  1. Because us old people have nothing better to do!!